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Modifications to Post-Divorce Elements

Upon successful dissolution of marriage, there are various right and provisions that are assigned by a judge; some of these may include child custody, support or maintenance payments, and visitation rights among others. If you have been through a divorce, and you have been left with highly undesirable circumstances regarding custody and support, then you may benefit from a modification to these arrangements. Seeking a modification can be a difficult process, and it is highly advisable that you retain skilled representation on your side that can help you through this process.

Seeking a modification to payments?

Spousal maintenance and child support payments can cause a great burden on a person's income. Depending on the amount that you make, and a number of other circumstances, you could be required to pay a very large sum in support. Throughout your life, circumstances change; you may get a new job, you may lose your job, receive a promotion or another serious change.

These circumstances can cause even more financial difficulty, and due to these types of cases, you may be able to have your current payments modified to better suit your income. By the same token, if you are the custodial parent, then you may gradually accumulate additional expenses due to the age of your child, and a number of other circumstances. You may be able to have these payments modified to better suit your needs.

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