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Spousal Maintenance in Rome, NY

In the state of New York, there are two types of payments that can be made to a spouse in family law - spousal support, and spousal maintenance. There are two distinct differences between these payments. Spousal support payments are made by the "breadwinner" of the household to a spouse that they are currently married to, while spousal maintenance is paid to an ex-spouse at the time of the finalization of a divorce. These maintenance payments are designed to help an ex-spouse get back on their feet, and to supplement their income until they are able to support themselves, or indefinitely to supplement their income.

In most cases where spousal maintenance is awarded to one spouse, it is designated for a specific number of years. It is true; however, that spousal maintenance can be a permanent arrangement depending on specific circumstances. There are many different elements and factors that the courts take into consideration when deciding if and how to award maintenance. Some of the following elements are considered among many others:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of both spouses
  • The earning capacity of both parties, present and future
  • Children involved and child support payments
  • The income and property of each spouse

Facing divorce?

If you are considering divorce, then you could be required to make spousal maintenance payments, or you may be entitled to receive these payments. It is important to understand the various nuances of your situation, and you can count on our firm for the legal assistance that you need throughout the duration of this process. Attorney Diane has been practicing law since 1991, and she has a wide breadth of experience in all facets of law. Your situation is important to us, and you can be sure that we will stand by you throughout the duration of your case if you choose to work with us.

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