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Challenges Remain for LGBTQ Community After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Challenges Remain for LGBTQ Community After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

While it is true that many members of the LGBTQ community are seeing the United States Supreme Court's recent ruling on same-sex marriage rights nationwide as their greatest victory to date, it is also true that many more feel their campaign for equal rights has only just begun.

31 states currently do not have a fully comprehensive set of laws that protect members of the LGBTQ community from day-to-day and professional discrimination. In those states, someone in a same-sex relationship could be penalized at work, removed from their housing, or even denied on credit applications solely for their sexual orientation. To many, the news comes to them as a surprise, as they had assumed that such discrimination was barred nationwide. The general lack of knowledge around the issue only spurs LGBTQ activists to move even quicker on the issue.

What Is Being Done?

A bill has recently been introduced that is being called the Equality Act. If passed, the legislation would effectively broaden the protections established in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and provide additional benefits to people in same-sex relationships. Many activists feel it is important to get this bill enacted as soon as possible, as same-sex couples could soon face unjust retaliation from employers, landlords, and banks in reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling.

For supporters of the bill, there does seem to be some good news. A recent poll conducted for the Human Rights Campaign suggests that nearly 60% of voters would not side with politicians who oppose nondiscrimination laws. (The Human Rights Campaign discusses their poll in a full article here.)

As activists continue to campaign for what they believe would be full equality under the law, many others are left wondering about the changes that have already happened to marriage, divorce, and family law. If you live in New York and need help with a legal dispute, contact a Rome divorce attorney from the Law Office of Diane Martin-Grande. We have been pursuing justice and favorable outcomes for our clients since 1991, and we can surely handle whatever is troubling you. Call 888.913.3992 today.


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